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Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner

Now, eliminate stains and odors and leave your kitchen  with a refreshing loony scent everyday! GoodHome’s Kitchen and Appliance Cleaner has a fast-acting lemon scented formula that actively cleans and removes oily and greasy stains that are invariably left behind in the kitchen. This formula has been tested by Dermatologists for safety. Use your GoodHome Cleaner on every possible kitchen surface and appliance.Remove stains with ease from your stove, refrigerator,grinder,microwave ovens, mixer grinder, kitchen platforms, chimneys and many more! With its non-greasy formula,rest assured that your cleaner is free from ammonia, alkali,bleach, alcohol and other solvents

Odour Remover
Kills odour completely and gives a refreshing fragrance
How it works: The molecules containing Aroma Guard Technology neutralizes bad odour completely and replaces it with long lasting fragrance.
It is effective against kitchen odour, bathroom odour, tobacco odour, under wash basins, inside boot of cars or inside shoe racks.

Eva Whitening Deodorant

Visibly fairer underarms in just 4 weeks.



Moisturises your lips from within and keeps them soft, supple and hydrated all-day long.

Exotic Deo

A range of premium deos with mesmerising fragrances for all-day freshness. This alcohol-free deo is gentle on the skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour causing enzymes by balancing the skin’s natural pH level.

Mini deo
Mini deo

Get freshness on the move with the compact and easy to carry Eva mini deos. It contains triclosan, an anti-bacterial agent that neutralises odor inducing bacteria generated by sweat. Enjoy the various benefits of EVA Mini deo in a variety of international fragrances.



Moisturises and nourishes your lips keeping it fresh, smooth and soft. The special steel tip helps in smooth and even application.